Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Layout Changes and A New Collection

I changed the layout again, it's simplified and colorful.
The contents of the About page are to the left and Collections are right at the top now.

I've added a collection for "Star Vs The Forces Of Evil".

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Site Update Collections

I wanted to feature more of my art here so I made some changes to the site.
I removed the featured and projects tab and added collections and about tabs.
The About tab has a small write up about me and some links to my other stuff.
The Collections tab is where I will feature my art!
I also removed the sidebar and increased the width of the main window.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Super Mega Ultra Warriors

I've made a game called "Super Mega Utra Warriors".
It's a simple 2-player local 1 vs 1 combat game.

Here is the trailer if your interested...

If you think you might enjoy playing this with your friends,
  I would love for you to support it on Steam Greenlight!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Custom Ships v0.7.0

So I've been working on a mod for starbound for awhile now called Custom Ships.
     Just today I finished the last ship for all the races currently in game!
     You can download the mod here: Download Link 

Here are all the ships this mod adds, currently.
Some of  the photos are outdated, but you can see them all at TomkinsBros.

This is the Floran ship. I called it "FU-N61" .
This is the Hylotl ship. I called it "SU-5H1" .

This is the Glitch ship. I called it "TO-W3R" .

This is the Avian ship. I called it "AZ-73C" .

This is the Human ship. I called it "RU-57Y" .

This is the Apex ship. I called it "FR-U17" .  

As always has a list of all the mods I work on!